Deputy Principal Academics

James Otieno Oduor - Deputy Principal Academics

The office of the Deputy Principal Academics is mandated to ensure full implementation of the curriculum as per the institute academic policy .This policy has been carefully structured by the academic board with the sole aim of nurturing our trainees to fit into the job market in line with the Kenya vision 2030 agenda as well as mould them into socially and morally upright beings. In carrying out this mandate, our systems have been enhanced by the adoption and implementation of the latest quality management system (QMS), ISO 9001:2015 of which we are a fully certified institution.

The government through the Ministry of Education has given financial and technical support towards the construction of the Tuition block, ICT complex and Electrical and Electronic workshop and Lab which are already in use and the Science and Engineering Complex which is still undergoing construction. The use of these facilities has strengthened our commitment towards holistic learning that ensures transformative learning both theoretically and practically.

We believe relevant knowledge and skills imparted in the right way is indispensable in the nurturing of all talents and the realization of every potential. We are grateful to note that Kaiboi TTI has experienced exponential growth in all aspects and in this respect we sincerely thank all parents, guardians, sponsors, the neighboring community and other stakeholders for sending trainees to us and for their continued support.

Welcome to Kaiboi TTI.