Mrs Emmy Lagat - Registrar

Welcome to KAIBOI TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE. For most new students, the first contact with the institute will be through the office of admission. Our goal is to make that experience as positive and rewarding as possible. In pursuit of the Kenya's national goals of Education and that of Vision 2030 blended with the Institutes' vision, mission and strategic objectives, the office of the Registrar is committed to continuously ensure that the course offerings remain competitive and market-responsive. The Registrar is responsible for the implementation, supervision and management of all administrative and operational functions of curriculum matters .

Through its marketing programmes, students are enrolled into the various artisan, craft and diploma courses offered in the six departments: Agriculture; Automotive; Electrical and Electronics, Information Communication Technology, Business Studies and Mechanical Engineering. Enrollment is done in January, May and September for regular programmes while admissions for holiday sessions are done in April, August and December every year. Evening sessions are also offered for computer systems application packages. Currently, the examination bodies are Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and Kenya Accountants and Secretaries Examination Board (KASNEB). Discussions are ongoing in respect of City and Guilds courses.

The Registrar is in constant liaison with the office of the principal to ensure that all the academic programmes are approved by the Department of Quality Assurance in the Ministry of Science and Technology. At the moment, there are 35 courses being offered at institute as reflected in our current bulletin.

Nelly Lagat - Registrar's Secretary

The Registrar ensures the integrity, accuracy, and security of all academic records of current and former students; facilitate effective student registration and enrollment; builds secure student data files and sets policy and procedure for their responsible use; maintains up-to-date course schedules, prepare termly schedule of activities; manages efficient use of classrooms and labs through timetabling and room allocation; supervises the implementation of curriculum; and oversee maintenance of web-based MIS related to academic programmes. Further, the Registrar certifies certificates presented for enrollment, articulation of transfer credits from one level to another, production of official progress reports and transcripts and preparation of graduands list.

The Registrar counsels and advises students and staff on academic matters; interprets and enforces Academic Policy and regulations, QMS and decisions of the Academic Board. The office of the Registrar also oversees provision of library services; industrial attachment for students in liaison with Industrial Liaison Officer; recommendation of capacity building for staff. As one of the leading institution in the provision of TVET programs and in the field of innovations, I invite prospective students to take their earliest opportunity to enroll in our programs and become part of the most sought competetive graduates in the world market.